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About Us

At Bee My Best Self, we are passionate about helping individuals to flourish in their personal and/or professional lives with more zest, passion and purpose.

In our modern, fast paced world, many of us often feel we are just surviving, lurching from day to day, just about keeping our head above water.

But what if there was more to life than this? What if we could get the best from our life experience, learn to be happier, more content and satisfied, achieve our potential and have better relationships, more success at work and in our lives in general?

We use a combination of techniques from Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology, Belief Change, Positive Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Strengths-Based Development and Nature Based Coaching tailored to each individual’s needs, preferences and personality. We publish a number of blogs every month on many topics covering wellbeing, resilience and flourishing - to access these, click the links shown on our Facebook feed.

Contact Us to find out more about how a series of one to one sessions could help you Bee your Best Self.

Bee My Best Self wellbeing coaching takes a bespoke, person-centered approach to helping each individual achieve positive change for themselves:

  • This might be to find, develop and harness their personal strengths to build stronger self-esteem, life or job satisfaction.
  • It might be about finding ways to develop emotional resilience – learning to bounce back better and stronger from life’s stresses and setbacks and ride out the bumps in the road.
  • Coaching may help individuals develop a more optimistic outlook, seeing and appreciating more of the positives in their life.
  • For others, wellbeing coaching could be about developing greater self-compassion – taking better care of their body and mind and learning to be less self-critical,
  • Or it could give someone the practical tools to improve their important relationships.
  • Some people may want to work on all of these things over time for all round wellbeing
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